Boldenone – properties, dosage and combination with other drugs

Boldenone (Boldenone undecanoate) is an anabolic steroid designed for veterinary use. Its original purpose is a herd of muscle mass of horses. Among humans, however, its use is so proportionate that its veterinary origin is usually not mentioned. In Russia, boldenone is not very popular. But in the arsenal of Western athletes, it is one of the most popular drugs. And quite rightly so.

Action features of boldenone

When boldenone is used, muscle mass usually increases slowly but steadily.

At the same time, it also increases appetite. Which is very useful because the main reason for the lack of mass progress in the course is malnutrition.

Boldenone also stimulates the production of erythropoietin. Which in turn stimulates increased production of red blood cells. This improves tissue oxygen uptake and increases endurance. What makes the drug attractive when you exercise with an average (8-12) or higher repetition rate.

Another important plus is the very strong stability of the androgen receptor with boldenone. Which gives it strong anti-catabolic properties. And this is very important during drying.

This medicine is suitable both for increasing muscle mass and during the drying process. It tastes very bad and has no progestogenic activity. Therefore, it does not retain significant amounts of water even in large doses.

The androgenic effect is also poorly expressed. The biggest side effect is increased desire for sex.

Boldenone therefore has very few side effects and is not a strong androgen. This makes it convenient for women. However, the weaker sex should not exceed the 400 mg weekly dose when used alone.

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Boldenone Dosage

The working dose of boldenone undecanoate is 300-1000 mg per week. The drug has a long half-life – at least 8-9 days. And most people have all 10. Therefore, it is recommended to give the entire weekly dose at once. Usually it does not make much sense.

With all the undeniable benefits, boldenone is a rather weak drug. And it is recommended to use it alone (as the only medicine in the course) only for beginners in steroid therapy or while switching between courses. You can combine boldenone with almost any AAS, depending on the objectives of the course.

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Examples of combined courses with boldenone

Below are examples of combined courses with boldenone. They only indicate AAS and their dosage. And also only one aid – tamoxifen. However, these processes, like any other, require post-cycle therapy (PCT). But this topic is so extensive and complex that it requires a special article.

Primobolan, like boldenone, is a rather mild drug. It is non-fragrant and also has approximately the same half-life. The two substances thus work in a synergistic way to increase each other’s influence. A fairly practical course for beginners with a little (2-3 courses) experience, suitable for both drying and building muscle mass.

Drying rate: boldenone, primobolan, stanozolol

Good action, especially if this is your first action. The only negative is that stanazolol, like boldenone, increases appetite, which is not very convenient in dry food.


  1. Boldenone is a lightweight steroid that is suitable for increasing muscle mass and strength as well as cutting.
  2. Slowly but steadily increase muscle mass, increase appetite, increase endurance.
  3. Almost completely free of side effects, suitable for use by women.
  4. It can be combined with almost any other AAS, depending on the objectives of the course.
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