CrossFit training for strength and endurance

The coach delivered three sets of exercises for beginners, enthusiasts and professionals.
There are many different sports that emerged not so long ago but quickly managed to prove their success to the world. One of them is CrossFit. What is it? CrossFit trainer Yevgeny Kanunnikov says that CrossFit is interesting to him as a community and a training methodology that unites this community.

Exercise set for beginners

This is good because it puts a lot of strain on all muscle groups but does not negatively affect the joints. We complete this complex in 20 minutes and without a break between exercises.


From the “Sleep focus” position we do arm bends, after that we pull our legs towards the body and sit down in the “squat highlight”.
We jumped out of this position, straightened our bodies completely and clapped our hands over our heads.
We do it five times.

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“Balance,” happens just below shoulder height.
We lower our body to the point where our elbows bend at an angle.
Then we go back to the starting position.
We do 10 times.


We lie on our backs, our legs crooked and pulled towards our bodies, our feet resting firmly on the floor.
We lift our bodies to our knees, try to use our abdominal muscles and do not help ourselves with our hands.
Then we go down to the starting position.
We do it 15 times.


Legs shoulder-width apart, toes slightly to the sides, hands down the body.
From this position we go down by bending our knees while lifting our straight arms and holding them in front of us.
We go deep down to form a sharp angle on the knees. At the same time, we keep our backs straight and do not lower our heads.
We do it 20 times.

Jump Jack

We stand straight, feet together and hands along the body.
When we jump, we spread our legs to the sides and pat our heads during the jump.
With the second jump we return to the starting position.
We do it 25 times.

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Advanced training series

Ideal if you are already light at first or have learned to work with your own weight.

Exercises are performed in a row, only three rounds, without interruption.

1 lap – 21 repetitions in each exercise.
2 lap – 15 repetitions in each exercise.
3 lap – nine repetitions in each exercise.

Lift your legs to the bar

We grasp the crossbar by placing our palms approximately shoulder-width apart.
We lift our straight legs on the crossbar until we touch it with our socks. After lowering your legs.

Jump on a ledge

We face the crossfit box close enough to jump.
We take our hands back slightly, move our bodies forward and bend our knees slightly as we prepare to jump.
With our arms outstretched the moment we jump, we swing forward, bring our knees to our chests and point our bodies forward to stay on our feet on the dice.
We straightened our legs and easily jumped out of the closet again.

Rises handle ball

We put our feet wider than our shoulders, bend slightly.
We both lower our straight arms between our legs and take the weight in them. It should be so heavy that you can lift it over your head without fear of losing it.
Start with the handle ball slightly backwards, after that we straighten both knees and body and carry the handle ball up with outstretched arms and fasten it over the head.
We also put the weight back between the legs with our hands straight.

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Training set for professionals

Skyork (ski simulator) – 500 m

We go up on a platform simulator and pick up special handles.
We fold these handles down and behind the body and mimic the movements of our sticks with our hands.
The back is straight, the knees slightly tilted by jerks like on normal skis.

Snap for hanging racks

We take the rod with a wide grip in straight, lowered hands. At the same time, the legs are also wide apart and slightly bent at the knees, hips slightly backwards.
From this position, we move our hands to the bar on our head without bending them and jumping slightly. After jerking, pull your knees out completely.
We first lower our arms at the waist, at the moment the elbows may be slightly bent.
We then lower the bar to knee height and return to the starting position.
We do it 15 times.

Tango removal

We take the bar in our hands from the width of the shoulders and lift it to the side so that the elbows are hooked and look forward.
The legs are shoulder-width apart, the legs are parallel to each other. From this position we sit deep on the bar and the moment we lift we straighten our elbows and lift the bar over our heads.
Then bend your elbow again and place the bar back to your chest.
We do it 25 times.

Rope climbing

We squeeze the rope with both hands so that one is over the other. Feet are not relevant here.
We stand up in the ropes and hold our hands up one by one. We also go down by rearranging our hands.
We do it five times.

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The exercise is over.

CrossFit is loved, not only because it can give a person strength, endurance and ultimately an athletic body. He is also loved for the feeling of constant victory over himself. About the fact that this sport is specifically aimed at overcoming weaknesses and making money on one’s own body. And these feelings are much more valuable.